Sexual Studies Working Group

Sexuality Studies Working Group

As a component of the Center’s research agenda, the Sexuality Studies Working Group brings together faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students for seminars and lectures that enable interdisciplinary intellectual exchange focused on current research on sexuality. The aim of the Working Group is to foster research on sexuality and advance a vital area of interdisciplinary critical inquiry, and in so doing address intellectual and political questions of national and international consequence.
In giving priority to emergent lines of thinking about sexuality, the Sexuality Studies Working Group engages and expands theoretical assumptions, historical accounts, insights and political implications of selected topics in the field. Addressing sexuality as a problem rather than a given, the Working Group:

  • advances emergent knowledge of the social concerns and structures of power in which sexuality has been historically enmeshed,
  • considers the effects of disciplinary and institutional divisions on how sexuality is thought and known,
  • discusses the global and local historical forces, social relations, cultural representations, forms of governmentality and nation-building in which sexuality has been imbricated,
  • examines the technologies of gender, race, kinship and belonging through which sexuality is deployed, and
  • explores the critical potential of discourses and investigations of sexuality.