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Funds support work centrally concerned with issues of women, gender, and/or sexuality. Priority will be given to students presenting or conducting research. Funds are limited, and must be requested in advance of travel.

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About the Certificate

Inaugurated in fall 2004, the graduate certificate program provides Ph.D. students across the university formal certification in the study of women, gender, and sexuality. Students complete interdisciplinary coursework, gain rapid acquaintance with faculty and resources across departments, form an intellectual community with fellow graduate students, and participate in the Colloquium, an annual series of seminars and public lectures given by leading scholars.

All certificate students are eligible to receive a $5,000 stipend in the semester that they achieve PhD candidacy (requires approval of the CSWGS Director; see Requirements).

Certificate students are also eligible to compete for CSWGS travel funds, teaching assistantships, teaching fellowships, and dissertation completion fellowships.

In the 2015-2016 academic year, CSWGS piloted a Communication in the Disciplines project in conjunction with the Program in Writing and Communication. This project gives certificate students opportunities to hone written, oral, and visual communication skills crucial to academic and professional success.

Watch some of our students share their experiences of the Certificate Program: