Oral History Internship

One way the Center supports Houston ARCH is through the Houston ARCH Summer Internship in Oral History. Students who have successfully completed SWGS 101 or SWGS 201 are eligible to apply. Calls for applications are released in the spring. For details, please contact Brian Riedel.

The Intern’s primary responsibility is to conduct oral history interviews and produce both archival-quality files of the interviews and final video products for public distribution.

Interns receive a stipend of $2,000 per oral history and commit to collecting either one or two oral histories over the summer. Each Intern may earn up to $4,000 per summer. Each oral history is expected to take six weeks to collect, or approximately 120 hours of work. As part of their paid time, Interns are expected to attend the public meetings of Houston ARCH and to assist with the History Tent at the Pride Festival in June.

The products of the internship may be made available to the public in a variety of forms: via the webpage for the Center, the wiki for Houston ARCH, through the History Tent at the Pride Festival, and as part of the permanent collection of the Woodson Research Center, the archival arm of Rice University’s Fondren Library.