Digital Stories

PJHC interns document their service learning experiences in many ways. Some interns create digitial stories that capture aspects of those experiences.

(Videos coming soon.)

El Espectáculo – Camila Kennedy
Camila Kennedy (Jones ’17) interned at Fundación EnseñARTE, a circus and arts program in Cochabamba, Bolivia, for eight weeks in the summer of 2015.

Una Cumple Cusqueña – Micaela Canales
Micaela Canales (Will Rice Dec ’15) interned as a preschool co-teacher at Augusto Salazar Bondy Institución de Educación Inicial in Cusco, Peru for five weeks in the summer of 2015.

Investing in the Future – Samantha Love
Samantha Love (Lovett ’16) worked at Maranatha Preparatory School in Kasoa, Ghana in the summer of 2014.

Yo Soy Ecuador: HIV/AIDS at EQUIDAD – Cristell Perez
Cristell Perez (Baker ’16) worked at Fundación Ecuatoriana Equidad in Quito, Ecuador, for eight weeks in the summer of 2014.

I Can’t, We Can: Seeds of Change in Masaka – Allison Shields
Allison Shields (Brown ’15) worked at Birimuye Nursery School in Masaka, Uganda, for nine weeks in the summer of 2014.