Distinction in Research and Creative Work

Both Seminar and Practicum projects and Senior Theses are eligible. Seminar and Practicum students may be nominated by their instructor, or may self-nominate. Thesis writers may be nominated by one of their advisors, or may self-nominate. To receive Distinction, a committee of CSWGS faculty must judge it to be an outstanding and original creative work or research paper.

Please consult the following website for additional information on Distinction in Research and Creative Work: https://ga.rice.edu/undergraduate-students/honors-distinctions/university/

Nominating faculty should inform the student directly.

Self-nominating students should ask one of their thesis advisors or their Seminar and Practicum instructor to endorse their application; a short email from the faculty member is sufficient.

Nominated and self-nominating students should submit the following items as their application, emailed to cswgs@rice.edu by close of business on the last day of class instruction (April 25, 2025).

  • Name (as it should be presented in any publicly printed program)
  • Student ID number (S000xxxxxx)
  • Student email (in NetID@rice.edu form)
  • Faculty advisor name(s)
  • Forwarded copy of your faculty endorsement email
  • Project Title (as it should be presented in any publicly printed program)
  • A copy of your completed project.

The committee of CSWGS faculty will review the application and render its decision to the CSWGS Director of Undergraduate Studies, who will relay the decision to the applicant and the Office of the Provost.

For other university honors, please see the Registrar's website.