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PJHC Summer Internship Application Guidance:

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a change to the conditions of summer internships for 2021. It is possible that all summer internships will be virtual.  In person internships will be permitted in specific circumstances if safe and permitted by Rice policy, and if approved by the PJHC Director and the PJHC Director of Undergraduate Studies (PJHC DUS).
Successful applicants will receive an award of up to $5,000. The total amount will include a stipend plus reasonable expenses incurred as part of the internship.  The funds are contingent on successful completion of all internship requirements and commitments.

Students must apply for the internship program by Friday, Nov 6, 2020.  Acceptance into the program will be conditional on enrollment into PJHC 298 Pre-Seminar Summer Internship for the Spring semester and completion of the other requirements noted below.  Students admitted into the program must work with the PJHC Director and the PJHC DUS to identify an appropriate internship placement. The Summer Service Internship Plan must be completed and submitted by Friday, February 26, 2021.  Contingent on PJHC approval, all parties (host organization, the student, and the PJHC) must sign an MOU to confirm the arrangement and expectations.

Eligibility requirements:

Applicants must be declared or pledged PJHC minors, with priority given to declared minors. (The Registrar will only process Declaration of Minor forms for students who have previously declared their majors or who are doing so concurrently.)
Applicants must have completed or be enrolled in PJHC 371.
Applicants must have completed PJHC 394 and the one-credit course PJHC 298 (Pre-Seminar for Summer Internship) by the end of the Spring semester 2021.  Students who have not yet completed PJHC 394 and 298 must commit to register for these courses for Spring 2021.

Course Commitments:

Successful applicants must commit to enroll in the one-credit PJHC 299 Summer Internship course for Summer 2021 and PJHC 300 Summer Service Internship Reflection for Fall 2021.

Internship Plan Commitment:

Successful applicants must commit to work with the PJHC Director and the PJHC DUS to identify and accept an appropriate internship placement and submit their internship plan by Friday, February 26, 2021.

Additional Commitments:

Successful applicants must agree to the PJHC Internship Commitments.
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