PJHC Minor Requirements

For a complete listing of PJHC requirements, please consult the General Announcements.

Please also consult with the PJHC Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Kerry Ward.

To declare your interest the minor, please complete this questionnaire before emailing pjhc@rice.edu to set up an appointment.

PJHC minors must complete 6-8 courses (18-22 credit hours, depending on course selection):

  • PJHC 371 Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities
  • PJHC 394 Human Development in Global and Local Communities
  • 3 Electives, one each from the categories of Global South, Race and Ethnicity, and General Electives

and one of five capstone options:

  • PJHC 470 Advanced Seminar in Poverty, Justice, And Capabilities
  • HIST 421 Race, Education and Society in The Urban South
  • HIST 484 The Black City: African American Urban History
  • SOCI 469 Community Bridges Training and SOCI 470 Inequality and Urban Life
  • The SWGS Seminar and Practicum in Engaged Research (SWGS 494, SWGS 496, and SWGS 497

and 3 PJHC Service Credits from direct service learning experiences.