Tani Barlow

Tani Barlow is George and Nancy Rupp Professor of Humanities and Professor of History.  Her research focus is Chinese intellectual and women's history.  She is the author of In the Event of Women (Duke University Press, 2018), The Question of Women in Chinese Feminism (Duke University Press, 2004), and Inter/National Feminism and China, Ito Ruri and Kobayashi Eri, trans., (Tokyo: Ochanomizu Press,  2003)  In addition, Barlow has edited or co-edited nine published books, including The World Looks at China: Twenty Years of positions: asia critique (Nanjing University Press, 2016, in Chinese), The Modern Girl, Colonial Modernity, and East Asia (Iwanami Shoten, in Japanese, 2008);  New Asian Marxisms (Duke University Press, 2002); Cinema and Desire: The Cultural Politics of Feminist Marxist Dai Jinhua (Verso, 2002); and I Myself Am a Woman: Selected Writings of Ding Ling (Beacon Press, 1999).  Barlow has published twenty papers in edited books, about forty articles in academic journals, and curated an arts festival, “My Voice Would Reach You: Nine Contemporary Artists,” funded by the Chao Center for Asian Studies in collaboration with the Museum of Fine Arts-Houston in April 2014.  Professor Barlow was Inaugural Director of Rice's Chao Center for Asian Studies, 2008-2013 and in 1993, founding senior editor of positions: asia critique, an international, multiple prize winning journal which she continues to edit.  Her most recently published articles include "Sexual Difference in Foundational Chinese Marxist Sociology: Qu Qiuba and Li Da on Female Centered Evolution, in Remapping, Vol.4., (Beijing, 2016, in Chinese), “History’s Coffin Can Never Be Closed: On Qu Qiubai and Translation,” special issue of Boundary 2 (42:3, 2016)  “What is the Problem? Digital Studies and Professional Historians, in Digital Humanities: Between Past, Present, and Future, (Taipei: Research Center for Digital Humanities, DADH, National Taiwan University, Taiwan,  2017), and “Commercial Advertising Art in Late 19th and early 20th Century ‘China,’” in Martin Powers and Katherine Tsiang, eds, Blackwell Companion to Chinese Art, (Wiley-Blackwell, 2015). Tani Barlow is co-founder of the Chinese Commercial Advertising Archive with Professor Chen Jing of Nanking University.