Jenifer Bratter

Jenifer L. Bratter (PhD 2001, University of Texas at Austin) is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Rice University.  Her research explores the implications of racial mixing (i.e. interracial families, multiracial identity) for the salience of racial distinctions in the areas of family, identity, and social inequality. She explores how interracial couples and multiracial adults navigate the color line when maintaining relationships and parenting their children.  She also explores the complexities of incorporating multiracial populations when tracking racial inequality. Finally, her work examines mixed-race as an emerging social identity through investigatin how mixed race parents understand their children’s identity.  She was awarded the 2009 Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation for Career Enhancement to study patterns of residential segregation for mixed-race families.  Dr. Bratter has recently published works appearing in Social ForcesFamily RelationsPopulation Research and Policy Review, and several upcoming book chapters.