Eugenia Georges

Eugenia Georges is Professor and Chair of the Department of Anthropology.  She has conducted research on the implications of transnational migration for gender and class hierarchies in the Dominican Republic and on the political mobilization of Dominican immigrants in New York City.  Her research in Greece examines the medicalization of reproduction, with a focus on the historical processes through which pregnant women and Greek obstetrical practice have been mutually constituted in interaction with a range of reproductive technologies.  Her research in Brazil examines the ethical and political strategies of a network of obstetricians-activists who have organized to demedicalize childbirth on the national level and redefine a range of choices in maternity care as a woman’s human right.  She is the author of Bodies of Knowledge:  The Medicalization of Reproduction in Greece (Vanderbilt University Press) and The Making of a Transnational Community:  Migration, Development and Cultural Change in the Dominican Republic (Columbia University Press).  Her articles have appeared in Medical Anthropology Quarterly, Social Science and Medicine, Feminist Studies, Journal of Mediterranean Studies and other journals.