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barlowTani Barlow
Professor of History

(713) 348-6086  

Tani Barlow is a T.T. and W.F. Chao Professor teaching in the Department of History.  Professor Barlow's research focus is Chinese feminism and women's history.  Her new monograph In the Event of Women is forthcoming from Duke University Press.  Barlow is also the author of The Question of Women in Chinese Feminism (Duke University Press, 2004), and in Japanese Inter/National Feminism and China, Ito Ruri and Kobayashi Eri, trans., (Tokyo: Ochanomizu Press,  2003)  In addition, Barlow has published edited books, articles, and essays on a variety of China- and Asia-related topics, including not only women and gender but also colonialism, globalization, social science, literature, consumerism, and advertising. Among the works she has authored, co-authored, edited, or co-edited are: The Modern Girl Around the World (Duke University Press, 2008); The Modern Girl, Colonial Modernity, and East Asia (Iwanami Shoten, in press [in Japanese]);  New Asian Marxisms (Duke University Press, 2002); Cinema and Desire: The Cultural Politics of Feminist Marxist Dai Jinhua (Verso, 2002); Formations of Colonial Modernity in East Asia (Duke University Press, 1997); Gender Politics in Modern China: Writing and Feminism (Duke University Press, 1994); and I Myself Am a Woman: Selected Writings of Ding Ling (Beacon, 1999).  Professor Barlow was Inaugural Director of the Chao Center for Asian Studies, 2008-213 and founding senior editor of positions: asia critique, an international, multiple prize winning journal which she continues to edit.  Her most recently published articles are “Body and Soul: Anglo-America Asianisms, 1870-1995,” Contemporary Asianisms, Nicola  Spakowski and Mark Frey, eds. National University of Singapore Press  and “Commercial Advertising Art in Late 19th and early 20th Century ‘China,’” in Martin  Powers and Katherine Tsiang, eds, Blackwell Companion to Chinese Art, Wiley-Blackwell, both in 2015.