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Lorena Alvarado 2

Lorena Alvarado  

Lorena Alvarado  holds a PhD in Culture and Performance from the University of California, Los Angeles.  She's currently writing her book, Corporealities of Feeling: Mexican Sentimiento and Gender Politics, on sentimiento, the ability to convey and inspire emotion as it circulates through 20th and 21st century U.S. Mexican and Latina/o musical practices and audiences.  Employing a feminist of color framework, she considers the politics of this performance, including its gendered and racialized gestures, marketing strategies, and queer transgressions. Born and raised in Huntington Park, CA, her broader interests include poetry, vocal pedagogies, the Southwest, and immigrant cultures. Her article on aging and song, "Never Late", is forthcoming in Women and Performance: a journal of feminist theory.