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Center for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality


CSWGS is pleased to announce the following award-winners for the 2014-2015 academic year:

Undergraduate Awards

2015 Sherri Matusoff Merfish Award:
Kendall Post '15

2014 CSWGS Undergraduate Best Essay Prize:
Nicholas Kwon '16, "The path to Equality, Regardless of Sexual Orientation"

2015 Undergraduate Honors Theses:
Kendall Post '15, "Title IX and Sexual Violence: An Institutional Ethnography of Rice University"
Michelle Pham '15, "Re-tellings of the Vietnam War: An Examination of Gender, Myth and American Exceptionalism" 

Graduate Awards  

2015 Seth Balkishan Das Singhal Award:
Reza Hashemitaba (Anthropology), "Cosmetic Surgery, Piety, and Islamic Authority in Iran"

2015-2016 Dissertation Fellows:
Meina Yates-Richard (English)
Abby Goode (English)

2014 CSWGS Graduate Best Essay Prize:
Meina Yates-Richard (English), "'What is Your Mother's Name?': Maternal Disavowal in Black Nationalist Ideologies, and the Reverberating Aesthetic of Black Female Pain" 


2014 CSWGS Graduate Best Essay Prize, Honorable Mention:
Helena Zeweri (Anthropology), "'Beauty Without Borders': Beauty Practices as Diagnostics in Afghan Women's Development"