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Center for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality

CSWGS Announces Winners of Best Essay Prizes, 2010-2011

BEST Undergraduate Essay OVER 10 pages
Theresa Boyer

"Rubens' Family Portraits: The Articulation of the Public and Private Spheres in the Early Modern European Family"
HART 434/SWGS 434 "Seeing Sex in European Art
Nominated by Diane Wolfthal, Dept. of Art History 

BEST Undergraduate Essay UNDER 10 pages
Sarah Jovinelly
"Independent Research Assignment"
HIST 340/SWGS 345 "History of Feminism"
Nominated by Lora Wildenthal
, Dept. of History  


BEST Graduate Essay/Dissertation Chapter
Robin Tippett Sager

Dissertation Chapter: "Marital Interventions: Community Responses to Perceived Cruelty"

from "States of Suffering: Marital Cruelty in Antebellum Virginia, Texas, and Wisconsin"

Nominated by John. B. Boles, Dept. of History